Science for Discovery at the Nanoscale

The Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics “Gamma” is devoted to fundamental and applied research in the field of Materials Chemistry and Physics.


Our research involves materials synthesis and characterization and is supported by a creative and dedicated staff along with a modern collection of materials characterization equipment. Nanoparticles and nanocomposites are currently the focus of our research, with the aim of improving synthesis procedures and the properties of materials, and to apply them to new technologies. Synthesis and characterization include different types of nanoparticles: semiconductor quantum dots, noble metal nanoparticles, luminescence and up-converting nanoparticles, graphene, and carbon nanotubes.

Dragana Jovanović
Godišnja nagrada Instituta Vinča za oblast primenjenih istraživanja
Regional Training Course on Safe Operation of Gamma and Ebeam Facilities 


 Prof. Miroslav Dramićanin have be appointed as
Adjunct Senior Scientist in the Houston Center for Biomaterials and Biomimetics 


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