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Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences (Vinča Institute) is the largest and leading scientific institution in the Republic of Serbia. The Institute comprises 21 departments with about 800 permanent employees. Institute works in loose organization, where each department has its own management structure with responsibility for scientific, technological and financial matters, whereas legal matter rest with Institute itself.


Department for Radiation Chemistry and Physics is the largest department in Vinča Institute with 69 permanent employees, 52 of which are researchers. Department works with fundamental and applicable research, technology transfer and provides services to industry and organizations of public health. Regarding its performance in all of these fields, the Department is recognized as one of the best scientific entities in Serbia. At the present time the Department provides services and know-how for 50 contractor companies.


In recent years the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia has recognized potential of the Department and has invested over 1 million euro into new scientific equipment. The Department itself has invested over 0.5 million euro in equipment and laboratory infrastructure, hired 10 young researchers and hired 3 Serbian researchers that were working abroad (Belgium, Netherlands and USA). In addition the Department has established close cooperation with several scientific institutions from EU countries, closely cooperated with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and organized two well attended international scientific conferences (International Conference on Optical Materials and Devices – ICOM,


Gamma radiation facility provides commercial services to SME and industry mainly in the fields of sterilization of polymer based medical devices and modification of polymer insulators. It has maximum capacity of 25.000 m3 irradiated products per year and it is the only such facility in Serbia and EU convergence West Balkan countries. Few years ago this facility is modernized with support of IAEA.











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